Choosing Your Grade

All Vermont Maple Syrup is of equal quality, sugar content, and density (thickness). It’s just a matter of personal taste which one YOU consider the best!

Golden Color Delicate Flavor

(Vermont Fancy)

Maple pitcher

Usually made at the beginning of the new maple season. Pour over vanilla ice cream for a Vermont maple sundae, sometimes called the Sugarmakers’ Favorite Dessert.

Amber Color Rich Flavor

(Compares to former Medium Amber)

Light amber syrup pitcher

Usually made about mid-season and seems to be the most popular for all around use. A good choice for gifts.

Dark Color Robust Flavor

(Compares well to the former Grade B)

Medium amber syrup pitcher

As the maple season progresses, the syrup darkens in color and develops a more robust maple flavor. Good for all around use, its hearty flavor is a great choice for all kinds of recipes. Pour over baked apples or squash, use as a glaze for meats and vegetables.

Very Dark Color Strong Flavor

(Even darker than Grade B!)

Medium amber syrup pitcher

Produced at the end of the season, it’s perfect for cooking! Makes Vermont baked beans, breads, and cookies especially tasty.