About Us

Originating in the 1950’s and passed down four consecutive generations, our family-owned sugaring operation started with just a few hundred buckets and has grown into a 3500+ tap venture. 

The Process

Our season begins early January when the trees are tapped. We have since moved from buckets to a pipeline going from tree to tree allowing all the sap to flow into a holding tank. Every inch of these lines needs to be checked for leaks, broken connectors and sagging.

It's a long process to make that nearly-water substance into our golden sweet syrup... But it's well worth the wait.

Then we wait for mother nature to takes her course. Very cold nights and warm days are what keep the sap flowing.
When the sap is running, we gather and process it daily. We can boil about 500 gallons of concentrated sap producing 50 gallons of syrup an hour. Keeping with the tradition of boiling with a wood fire, we use 20 cord of hand cut and split wood per season. Long days and nights are spent at the sugarhouse surrounded by family and friends who are always lending a helping hand.

The Product

While we pride ourselves on our pure maple syrup, we also love making other maple products, such as the maple cream, maple jelly, and most popular, our maple vinegar. 
Purchase our products on our online store or at Mike’s Gas and Redemption in West Burke, VT or North Country Marketin Colebrook, NH.


Mid process of making the syrup

We hope you will enjoy our products as much as we do.




“Pure Gold is family business. We do it because we love it and because let’s face it: everything tastes better with syrup!”

- Pure Gold Sugaring

The Solinskys and Friends

The sugarers


A fourth generation sugar maker Kurt grew up on a dairy farm in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and while farming taught him patience and hard work, it was sugaring season with his dad, Doug, that he looked forward to the most. Kurt cannot wait to continue this tradition with his own son.  


Always makes walking through the woods on a cold day an adventure and filled the air with jokes and his philosophies–including his theory on cleanliness. He is the mechanic guy who helps keep everything up and running, and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the art of maple syrup making.


Might not be related through blood, but he certainly is part of the family. Preparation for maple sugaring is no small task. It takes hundreds of hours to get lines installed, equipment sanitized, and materials ordered. Budd is there for every step of the process–including sampling that first draw of Pure Gold!

Busy working on the computer


The matriarch and financial one who tries to keep us in line as well as up-to-date on our expenditures. She also brings our meals to the sugarhouse when she can and sometimes even brings homemade raised donuts, a tradition from her grandmother that she likes to carry on.

Busy working in the sugarhouse

Everett Baird

This is a photo of our second generation. We had the privilege of spending a lot of time with him in the sugar woods before he passed. He loved the traditional spout and buckets on the trees, so every year, in his honor, we hang a few up.

Snowshoeing in the woods maple


Always there to lend a helping hand whether it be getting fire wood in, fixing line, tapping trees, changing the filter and cleaning up. He adds a lot of humor to our operation.

Busy working sugaring


A great neighbor and another asset to our operation who just lives for sugar season can also be seen doing everything from the beginning til the end. He says that after high school he is going to the Pure Gold Sugaring University. We can only hope!!